A brief introduction

joshbiopicJosh Potter is a journalist, author, editor, and all around writer. He grew up travelling, living in India, America, England, and Uganda before moving back to London to attend university. There he studied journalism, graduating with First Class Honours.

As a student, one of his articles was featured in Huffington Post’s Here are 2015’s Best Student Journalist StoriesHe has worked in various sectors of journalism, mainly working on print but proficient in digital and television journalism as well. Focusing primarily on the accurate representation and exploration of subcultures around the world, Josh Potter has looked into everything from the London’s poetry scene, to the on-the-ground activism surrounding the COP21 conference in Paris, to the hidden but thriving world of the AFOL (adult fan of Lego).

While at university, Josh Potter wrote his first novel (currently available on Amazon). He has since written a second, serialised in the American online magazine CultureHoney (see Books link above) and is working on his third.

Having recently completed his Masters degree at the University of Oxford, he currently lives in one of the villages of England and works globally from his laptop.