The Art of the Streets

This is a recreation of the original article, published in 2016 by Artefact Magazine. All footage and pictures by Joshua Potter.

Photo of a Mr. Cenz piece in progress. Taken by Joshua Potter.

Walk around the East End of London and you’ll find a huge amount of artwork on the street – from Space Invader’s tile designs to Mr. Cenz’ intricate graffiti pieces, all forms and styles of art seem to line the streets of the capital.

But the nature of this artwork means that so much of the world remains hidden, unable, or refusing, to showcase itself like the work put up in galleries.

Graffiti as a culture especially, remains hidden, only really known to other graffiti artists and members of the culture.

We decided to take a look into the immense subculture of both graffiti and street art, looking at some of the aspects that much of the public never get to see, and showing the interconnected nature of all the art that’s put on the street; a look behind the artwork.