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Josh Potter is a journalist/storyteller. His focus is on telling the stories of under (or mis) represented subcultures and communities. He has worked with artists, activists, CEOs, cycle couriers, poets, pilgrims, and so many more. His passion is to explore the reasons why these communities exist and highlight their nuances. Learning more about life around us is seldom a bad thing.

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At the ripe old age of eight months, Josh Potter embarked on his first cross-continent plane journey. Since then he hasn’t looked back, airport terminals and train stations becoming second homes.

In India he spent the first years of his life chasing lizards in the most populated city on earth, Mumbia. School began in India before moving to England and finishing in America.

Next stop, Uganda, where he worked with two organisations helping in the local communities wherever he could, teaching and being taught: everything from coaching football to learning how to work the farms and fish the lakes.

After Uganda came a brief stint in Los Angeles before university in London, where Josh studied Journalism, graduating with First Class Honours. During university he travelled to Paris to cover the COP21 conference; dove into the intricacies of the street art and graffiti art scene tucked behind the streets of London; documented the growing fan base of adult Lego enthusiasts (known as AFOLs); and much more. As a student, he received critical acclaim for his articles, including being featured in Huffington Post’s Here are 2015’s Best Student Journalist Stories.

Upon graduating he continued his work as a freelance journalist, be that in print with articles such as the documentation of the All-American road trip introvert-style, or as the cameraman of a start-up news organisation in London. Print, digital, or broadcast, it didn’t matter.

After working freelance for a year, academia called again and Josh returned. At the University of Oxford Josh completed an MSc in Social Anthropology. While at Oxford he continued his writing, publishing his work in several places including the Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford, and the American online magazine CultureHoney.

Post Masters, Josh uses both his degrees alongside his skills as a journalist to best tell the stories of others. Mainly working as a digital journalist, he is also proficient in print and television journalism. He currently writes for individuals and magazines all across the world. He has worked with CEOs, artists, entrepreneurs, creatives, activists, rebels, and more.

Josh Potter is also an experienced copywriter and editor. If you want to reach out to him, you can find on linkedIn.