At the ripe old age of eight months, Josh Potter embarked on his first cross-continent plane journey. Since then he hasn’t really looked back, airport terminals and train stations becoming second homes.

Photo by Lucia Sanders

In India he spent the first years of his life chasing lizards in the most populated city on earth, Mumbia. Back in England for the celebration of his ninth birthday, and then on to Colorado, USA before turning twelve. Halfway through high school it was time to move again, this time to the sunny hills of Los Angeles. It was here that he graduated from high school with the successful completion of an IB diploma.

Next stop, Uganda, where he worked with two organisations helping in the local communities wherever he could, teaching and being taught: everything from teaching English to learning how to work the farms and fish the lakes.

After Uganda he went back to his family in California where he worked for a year before flying over to London to attend university, graduating with First Class Honours. During university he travelled to Paris to cover the COP21 conference; dove into the intricacies of the street art and graffiti art scene tucked behind the back streets of London; documented the growing fan base of adult Lego enthusiasts (known as AFOLs); and much more.

Upon graduating he continued his work as a freelance journalist, be that in print with the documentation of the All-American roadtrip introvert-style, or as the cameraman of a startup news organisation in London. After a years break from university he was back, getting his Masters degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Oxford. While at Oxford he continued his writing and was published in places such as the Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford.

He is based somewhere in the English countryside (for now), writing for individuals and magazines all across the world. He has worked with CEOs, artists, entrepreneurs, creatives, activists, rebels, etc. As a journalist, his main focus is on telling the stories of either underrepresented or misrepresented subcultures and micro-communities, wherever they may be.

Josh Potter is also an experienced copywriter and editor.