Rosemary’s Corner

Rosemary grew up on the farms of England during the Second World War. Hers was a life not too dissimilar from any other in rural England. She went to school, practiced putting on a gas mask in case the Germans attacked, and helped out on the farm. Then, in her early twenties, everything changed when she married William and the two gallivanted around the world, living sometimes for months and sometimes for years all across the world.

What follows are snippets of her story, told in bite-size chunks. Rosemary never saved the world. She never found a cure for cancer. In so many ways her life was so normal, so mundane. And yet, it is stories like there, stories like Rosemary’s, that are so important to our understanding of humanity. Rosemary may never have saved the world, but her life touched so many. A brave and humble woman, Rosemary is for so many a beacon of hope and a refuge of care.

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Note: These stories have been told to me by Rosemary. I have then gone through the interviews and rewrote what happened. They are not her words verbatim.