A brief look at the bizarre world of cult movies

Perhaps not a genre of fandom like Pokemon competitors or die-hard Marblelympic supporters, the world of cult movies deserves a place on the wall of nerddom.

Within this world is found a variety of fans and movies too big to tackle in one go. So instead of taking a big picture view, we will instead focus on one movie. Perhaps the most iconic of cult movies for all the strangest reasons, it’s time to take a look at The Room.

Airing in 2003 and failing abysmally, in some ways The Room is a testament to resilience (and money). According to Vox, it was continuously marketed on a single billboard for more than five years despite not being shown anywhere and by the time the marketing stopped, it was a cult classic.

Several different reasons exist for why it grew in popularity. There is among many cinema goers a love for truly bad and bizarre films. A certain myth also developed around the movie’s creator and star, Tommy Wiseau, which helped fuel interest. And a social element is also present, as many fans come to the screening loaded with plastic spoons to throw whenever the now infamous portrait of a spoon is shown on screen… yeah.

Anyway, the true reason for the film’s success is a strange mystery. If you want to find out more about the history of this bizarre film and its creator, check out the Vox video and article below. They’re well worth a look.

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