Crownless Kings


What if the rich were considered poor? The poor, rich? What if money was to be discarded, not collected? In his debut novel, William Potter explores this world; a world where the hierarchy of the socioeconomic structure is reversed, where the goal is poverty, where the homeless are glorified.

Nick, the protagonist, is on a journey to become the youngest homeless man his town has ever seen, his town’s riches to rags story. He’s just graduated top of his class from university and is convinced he’ll be able to make it in two years. Now all he has to do is work his way down the corporate ladder. Seems simple enough.

But Nick didn’t account for the difficulties along the way. He didn’t realise what he might have to give up. What about his friends? His family? What about his writing? The fate of Dean, the protagonist in Nick’s own yet-to-be-finished novel hangs in the balance as Nick decides what to do. Success might just not be worth it.

Crownless Kings is currently available to purchase in print and as an eBook on Amazon. Alternatively, if you live in the USA, you can purchase a print copy by clicking here.