The Romance of Unconnected Lives


Every stranger walking up the street, every car driving down the three-lane highway, every jogger squeezing by you on the narrow pavement, is a life. A life you may never see with again. A life you may never know. A life that could be perfectly compatible with yours.

Matt’s a writer. He’s quite good at it (though his last novel wouldn’t show it). Jane’s a CEO. She’s exceptional at it (everything she does shows it). Matt and Jane have never met, besides once – but that doesn’t really count – and they both seem completely oblivious to each other.

It’s a big city, and a lot can happen. How often is it that two strangers interact without ever knowing it?

This is a story where ‘crossing paths’ isn’t quite as straightforward as it sounds.


The Romance of Unconnected Lives is serialised monthly at