Welcome! Below is a smattering of examples of my work, taken from different sources. Please view this as a CV of sorts. If you wish to see more, there are links to the magazines at the bottom of the page.

Tupac’s last concert,
the House of Blues,
& the 22-year-old who made
it all happen

It was the biggest night in Rap history.
Tupac’s last concert performed at the House of Blues.
For the first time, James Farr who produced the
show talks about what happened that
night and just how it came to be.
Culture in a Spray Can:
London’s Underground Art

A look inside the world of street and
graffiti art in the city of London.
Highlighted by Huffington Post as one
of the best student journalism
articles of 2015.
People of Note: Natalie Patterson,
poet and teaching artist.

A chat about what drives Natalie to create
and the importance of the artist
in today’s world.
Climate Agreement:
What about the People?

Sara Gharsalli and I head to Paris during
the COP21 to see what the people
are doing.
A Guide to Peaceful Protest

Here are a few helpful guidelines
to make sure your protest is as peaceful
and effective as possible.
Chapter and Verse on the
London Poetry Scene

Dive into the complex world of slam poetry
in London. Everything you need
to know and more. Includes
unique ‘poetry’ interviews.

People of Note: Linda “Peaches” Tavani

A chat about the world she came from
and what is next for this iconic voice.
Life as a London Glassblower

Amid scorching temperatures, these
glassblowers work tirelessly to produce
breathtaking works of art.
The Older Side of Lego

Think Lego is just for children?
Guess again. We take a look at the
great big world of Lego for adults.
An American Roadtrip:
Beyond the City Walls

Reflections on a drive from
New York to Los Angeles.
It’s the adventure of a lifetime, right?
The Art of the Streets

A minidocumentary on the complex
world of street and graffiti art
in London.
The Buzz around London

Rooftop beekeeping is growing in
popularity among many of London’s
residents. Here we dive into what it takes
to produce honey on the London
People of note: James Farr,
Conversation. Live

James Farr, coproducer of Thorns on the Rose,
sat down with us to talk his life,
his show Conversation.Live,
and his powerful documentary.