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Welcome to my blog. It is very nice to meet you. I know you are a busy soul so I will keep this quick. I run two blogs here. One is called Exploring Subcultures. It focuses on shedding some light on interesting – and sometimes misunderstood – subcultures around the world. This is usually a little nerdy because I’m a little nerdy and can be anything from the NERFing community to marble racing enthusiasts. That’s right. If you want to visit these posts. Click here.

The second blog is called Rosemary’s Corner and, you guessed it, is about an incredible woman named Rosemary. I have the opportunity to interview her and document her life story. As part of that process I will be writing little bit-sized stories for your enjoyment before the whole story is published. She really has had an amazing life, travelling around the world and impacting so many people. To check out those posts, click here.

Alternatively, you can just head back to the main blog and scroll away.